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Cloud earrings with recycled freshwater pearls

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Chandelier earrings made from recycled freshwater pearls, hammered brass elements and faceted aventurine.
The earrings are pleasantly light and suitable for everyday wear.


The freshwater pearls come from old pearl necklaces and get a second life in these earrings.
Cultured pearls have been a big trend in jewelery especially in recent years, but of course the shells that produce these pearls are living beings that do not always survive this procedure. Therefore, I have decided to only use reused, second-hand beads alongside my former leftovers.

- Brass
- Freshwater pearls
- Aventurine
- approx. 2 x 4cm


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper and is therefore suitable as a very compatible jewelry material.
Should it ever tarnish, a simple metal polish is sufficient to bring it back to a high gloss.


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