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Purple Ombré Fluorite Evil Eye Bracelet

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Beaded bracelet with Evil Eye glass bead, hammered brass bow and Purple Fluorite nuggets and beads with beautiful color transition.

Fluorite gemstones are natural products. Each stone, each bead turns out a little different, which gives this jewelry the special charm.

The logo pendant made of hammered brass is not only decorative but helps to put on the bracelet more easily.


- fluorite
- Glass
- brass


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, making it a very compatible jewelry material.
Should it ever tarnish, a simple metal polish is all that is needed to bring it back to a high shine.


Alex Bender / Instagram @alexbender_berlin
Monika Kalinowska / Instagram @monikakalino


Please choose from three length options:

- 17.5cm/ Suitable for wrist circumferences between 15cm and 16.5cm
- 19.5cm/ suitable for wrist circumferences between 16.5cm and 18cm
- Length by arrangement/ Please enter your exact wrist circumference in the shopping cart, I will then make it to measure


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper and is very well tolerated by most people.
If it tarnishes, it can be brought back to shine with a metal polish.


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