About Gudbling

  • Gudbling came about more or less by accident in 2011. I came to Berlin in 2010 to start my own business as a graphic designer and tried my hand at all sorts of products such as calendars, postcards and home accessories.

    Six months later, a fashion designer friend of mine offered to share her studio with me and to help her with sales in her shop in exchange for exchange.

  • The workshop at the back of the store always had plenty of scraps of fabric too small to make clothes from. But the colorful cords were too good to throw away and since textile jewelery was in fashion in 2011, the first Gudbling pieces of jewelery were created.

    A first DaWanda shop (RIP) was set up quickly and it soon became clear that my future lay in jewelery and not in graphic design.

  • More than ten years later, the joy of designing jewelry has not left me. The textile elements have become less in recent years and more brass and natural stones have crept into my jewelry.

    As a one-woman business, Gudbling is not a strategic operation, but personal, creative expression and sharing the joy of adorning yourself. It's all a process, a matter of trends and demand, but also part of my own story.

  • To this day I make all pieces by hand in my Berlin studio. Every handwritten postcard that reaches you with your order is written by me. I answer your emails and inquiries myself and it should stay that way. I've never been interested in growth, I've created work to suit my needs and I'm proud of that.

  • What I especially appreciate about jewelry is the inclusivity. Anyone can wear chains. Pierced ears come in many sizes, but they are self-selected and do not follow any industry norm. And I have always offered bracelets as made to order. This means that I manufacture directly to a given wrist circumference.

  • Some may dismiss jewelry as superficial, but it is a faithful companion. Whether in everyday life or on festive occasions. As a reminder of loved ones, or as an expression of friendship and appreciation. Wearing jewelry was and is deeply human.